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Apps for FPL managers

Being FPL managers we know how hard it can be to make informed decision regarding our squads. Having been taken quite a few hits on our ranks due to the same. We are here to make sure that no one ever faces the issues we had faced initially while getting started with FPL.
The following are a list of websites that every FPL managers has to bookmark:
  1. Anewpla : The best site online to view per team fpl point distribution and see what your fellow managers did last week on fpl in terms of transfers and all.
  2. FPLBet: Access an exclusive network of Fantasy Premier League statistics that allows you to sort FPL data in a variety of innovative and useful ways.
  3. fantasyfootballpundits
  4. fantasyfootballfix
  5. FPLDiscovery
The following are the best apps that an FPL manager simply should have.
  1. Fantasy Football Manager is an android exclusive app it is feature rich in the way that it allows managers to View Gameweek/Transfer history, View the team of the manager with most points in the week, View Dream Team of the week and overall dream team,  Notify when the price of a player increases or decreases. It encompases all of this in a dark theme.
  2. FFStatshq: This app has all statistics regarding players in premier league. FFStatsHQ displays player, team and match statistics provided by OPTA to help you pick the perfect fantasy football team. This app is available for android as well as ios. The ios version of the app has the added function to analyze individual player teams.
  3. SofaScore: A must have app for every fpl manager because of the Player Ratings and heatmap offered by the app. The app is available for android, windows and ios.
  4. PL official app: The official app remains in this list only because of the fact that the FPL show videos can only be viewed via this app.
There is subreddit for FPL it is the most active social forum for any FPL manager out there so be sure to subscribe to FantsayPL subreddit. FPLupdates for Telegram users is a Channel especially Tailor made for Fantasy Premier League Managers. It is an automated channel that posts from @officialFPL and various other sources regarding latest news, price rise, price drops, injury updates.

The following is a list of must follow youtube channels if you are an FPL manager. Do share with us the channels that you know about via the comments section down below.
1. FPLtips
2. fantasyfootballfix

You can also find a list of must have apps for PL fans here.

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