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Android apps for Premier League

Fantasy Premier League is the most followed Virtual Football Championship in world. Being managers in Fantasy Football, we here know how hard it can be for a Premier League Fan to find best PL apps from the play store. So today we are gonna list out 7 android apps that a premier League Fan simply should have.

FPLupdates for Telegram users and its a Channel especially Tailor made for Fantasy Premier League Managers. It is an automated channel that posts from @officialFPL and various other sources regarding latest news, price rise, price drops, injury updates and videos from various youtube channels that provide valuable updates for Fantasy Premier League managers.
Fantasy Football Manager (FPL) and Fantasy Football Fix for FPL, are two commentable apps for FPL managers.
The first one is for reddit users, there is a subreddit for Fantasy Premier League managers, you can find it here, it is the most active forum for FPL managers. For highlights of PL matches you can try Hoofoot or the subreddit footballhighlights. For live streaming links you can see the subreddit soccerstreams.

The second one is the official android app for Premier League which most of you should be having by now.

The third one, Draft Fantasy Premier League is essentially FPL with no money and transfer limits! It lets you choose your dream team from premier league players and shows your rank among fellow dream team managers. A fun little app to have for the love of Premier League!

The fourth one, 365Scores lets you live stream any premier league game when you are on a data limit.  It has a peculiar live streaming option within the app that replaces players with dots and live streams it to the app such that you don't miss the action altogether when in a worst case scenario of no current and low data. It also has shares videos every goal being scored in a match and match highlights as always.

The fifth one is Live Football On TV, this app lets notifies you when a match is broadcasted in your country and in which TV channel it is being broadcasted.

The sixth and penultimate app is SWIPS, this app notifies you of the live score like any other football live scores app. The speciality about this app is that it allows you to follow individual players as well so that it notifies you when that player scores or assists someone for a goal. It has a dark theme overall, so looks nice as well. And it has no ads!

The last one is exclusively for Indian Jio owners you can watch the matches live through Hotstar app on android , this facility is currently unavailable for IOS users.
You can tell us about other awesome apps for FPL Managers by commenting the link in the comments section.

That's all for now!
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