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Android App of the Week #3 2017

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 "App of the week(AOTW)" is a new android app series in which we share the best app we discovered in the week.

TimeTune is the "AOTW", one of the most versatile time tracking apps for Android that lets you do more things with your time. It uses a time management system based on routines, which works like a calendar. It offers users options to add custom tags to quickly identify the activities in your schedule at a glance. You can also create and sent your schedules to others. The Time Schedule Planner in the app also offers Full customization for each notification independently. It also allows you to analyze and improve your distribution of time.

The Remainders and the Widget with a completely customizable look, round off the feature list of the app. The pitch black theme it offers, makes it the best time tracking app for AMOLED devices. The app has no ads but has in app purchases for added functionality. As it offers adequate features in the normal version the IAP is essentially non existent, making it the best free app in the market for the purpose with a pitch black theme.

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