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Android App of the week #4 2017

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 "App of the week(AOTW)" is an android app series where we share the best app we discovered in the week. The previous app of the week posts can be found here.

Open Link with is the app of the week for week#4. With OpenLinkWith, you can share any webpage with it and it will ask you which applications to open the link with.
Two possible scenarios where OpenLinkWith proves handy:
  • You click a link (let's say Youtube link) and the system does not ask you anything and opens the link in the browser. And you are stuck in Youtube web version instead of watching the video in the native app. With Openlinkwith you have the option to open the video in native youtube app.
  • Imagine you have 2 Twitter clients in your phone. With the app installed you can open a tweet in the official Twitter application and then switch to an another app with the same tweet opened.

Well, that's all for now.
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