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Last Updated on 19 Oct. 2017

We know how hard it can be to find latest deals online. So we do a bit of research periodically and come up with resources/websites that can help you get to a deal before it gets "SOLD OUT" or "OOS".
All the apps/websites listed here lists deals before they are sold out. All the websites mentioned below have apps in the Play store.
  1. Dealsdime, offers loot deals via the huge community it has.
  2. a site that lists deals including price errors and loots.
  3. Roobai, a site that only displays loot deals at just the right time.
  4., a site that lists the most prominent deals loot deals.
  5. Keepa, shows price graphs of product thus helps to discover fake deals and also helps track product prices on amazon. It is by far more prominent than buyhatke but only works for flipkart.
  6. Buyhatke, shows price graphs of product thus helps to discover fake deals. On android, While you are browsing a product on an app or website "Go to Share Menu and select Buyhatke" while you are browsing the product to view price graph. It also offers price drop notification for bookmarked products and special deal notifications. The chrome extension it offers is a boon if you shop online often.
  7. MyTokriThuttu: The official app of MyTokri, has a nice UI which is far better than the one the website uses. The apps have various tabs you can swipe between that includes Featured, Latest deals section etc.
  8. Freeakmal: The Official app, it is not the best app for the latest deals from prominent online retailers but provides deals and offers from not so popular online sellers.
  9. If you are on twitter just follow and turn on notifications for the following accounts:
    1. roobai_com
    2. mydealsbucket
    3. LootpaatDeals
  10. Follow EOffers2Day on telegram for online deals.
That's all for now!
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