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4 Apps for football fans

Football, the most followed sport in the world faces no shortage of apps in the play store, but finding ones that are worth the download is something else. So we have put together a list of 4 Android and iOS Apps, that football fans simply should have. The list is not numbered in any order. All apps mentioned in this list have a dark theme enabling a pleasurable experience on AMOLED Display devices.

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1. SWIPS, one of the special apps on the play store for the purpose, it allows us to follow individual players, teams, and notifies you when that player is starting for his team, scores or assists someone for a goal and notifies 15 minutes prior to kickoff about a match. With the overall dark theme and the absense of ads it stands first on our list! It also has an IOS version.

2. theScore, is another app similar to SWIPS but with a more credible and accomodative news section. If the news section of SWIPS seems overwhelming to you then this app will suit you the best. The iOS version can be found here.

3. 365Scores makes its way into the list for the unique live streaming mechanism it offers that consumes low data.  The live streaming option within the app, replaces players with dots and mimics player movements by moving the dots and also displays an arrow indicative of the direction of travel. It can be used in the worst possible scenario of no current and low data, so that you don't miss the action altogether. It also lists videos of every goal being scored in a match and match highlights as always. It also has a virtual stadium feature that allows you to follow a particular team during a match and chat with your fellow fans during a match.The iOS version can be found here.

4. Live Football On TV, using this app you can know when a match is broadcasted in your country and in which TV channel it is being broadcasted. Useful in the case when you are searching name of channel for streaming matches using some live-streaming TV app.

If you know of any better apps then do let us know in the comments below.

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