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8 New AMOLED Apps for android

If you’ve got a phone/tablet with an AMOLED screen, you don’t need to mess around with root apps or disable useful services, you can save a big chunk of power by sticking to AMOLED-friendly apps with black interfaces.
Well, we’ve done some filtering and have gathered a list of 8 Android Apps, that devices possessing an AMOLED Display simply should try.
Just so you know, the list is not numbered based on any ranking its just a random order. For downloading any of the apps mentioned in the list just click on the name of the app you wish to download. 
#AMOLEDApps is a series of posts where we share apps that feature an overall pitch black background/theme, tips and tricks that help enhance your experience on #AMOLED devices.
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The apps are:

  1. TimeTune: The best schedule planner with reminder, all encompassed in a pitch black theme that comes for free with the app.
  2. Super Jump Johnson: Jump and slide with Johnson in this addicting retro-inspired arcade game.
  3. Orborous: Orborous is a new game inspired by Nebulous and made entirely in a pitch black background.
  4. Xodo Docs: We had already published a post regarding this app. You can find that post here.
  5. Audiovision Music Player: We had already published a post regarding this app. You can find that post here.
  6. Screen Recorder: It is an ad-free screen recorder for android with a game launcher and a pitch black theme. We had already published a post regarding this app. You can find that post here.
  7. UC Browser: This app poses an AMOLED friendly theme which themes/skins every website to a pitch black background. It is hard to find for a new user and also for most existing users. We also found the download manager of this browser to be perfect. The steps to enable AMOLED friendly pitch black theme in UC browser can be found here.
  8. Bolt: The rising, A shooter game with a mostly pitch black background.

That's all for now!
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