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Problem Solved! Android Battery Drain

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In this new post series called "Problem Solved", we will be taking up problems faced by users and share the solution for most common problems.
In order to get your queries solved just write to us about the problem you are facing on your device to . Periodically, a question will be chosen and answered.
In this post we will be looking at various ways to reduce the ever persistent android battery drain problem. We will mainly focus on 4 often overlooked ways to save battery.

Turn off NFC

An often overlooked method for saving battery. If your device supports NFC then whenever you switch on your device for the first time, NFC is on by default. You have to manually go to settings and turn it off. Many people often forget this neat trick to save battery.
Settings->More->switch off NFC.

Turn off Accounts sync setting optimally

On every google android smartphone every sync option available is enabled by default. That means that your device is automatically syncing your app data, google photos backup etc.
Settings->Accounts->Google and select the relevant google id
Now turn off all the unwanted sync settings from the list.

Install Greenify

Greenify offers users the privilege to close an app and suspend the process of an app from popping up until the user wants it to. Unlike most other task killers this app does not kill an application or quit its activity from memory. The idea used in this application is to 'hibernate' an app, which means the app is put to sleep (does not use the memory), and has no access to use the device actions/processor and memory, until, the app is reopened by the user explicitly. The application can resume its state from where it had been hibernated upon opening.
If an app is hibernated, you will not receive any push notifications from the app.
Greenify by default can hibernates only apps that are installed by the user. Within experimental features, they also provide an option to hibernate system apps (at your own risk) which can be availed in Greenify paid verion/donate version only. This ability to hibernate apps completely makes Greenify unique in its ability to save battery unlike similar offerings.

There are two widgets which comes with Greenify.

1) Hibernate + lock screen : Hibernates apps and screen is locked thereafter.
2) Hibernate : The apps are hibernated.
You can look at this post to understand how to get started with using greenify.

Install Mobogram

Mobogram can replace most of the apps you have installed on your device. It can replace your dictionary app, feed reader app and even your twitter client. We had previously discussed about Mobogram, an unofficial telegram client here.

That's all for now!
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