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10 Telegram Games

As a continuation to our previous post in which we explained Telegram gaming. In this post we have put together a list of the best games you can play on telegram right now. As of now the list is pretty small, we expect the list to grow as time progresses.
  1. Angry Piano Angry piano is the telegram version of Piano Tiles.
  2. Flappy Bird The flappy bird game for telegram.
  3. Mr Muscle In Mr. Muscle we have to distribute the weight equally on both sides of the bar held by the gymnast failing which he will fall to the side carrying the unequal weight.
  4. Play School is Cool The ball jumps with every tap. The ball can only go through objects of same color. The objective is to reach the maximum possible height under the circumstances.
  5. Qubo, the cube must move between platforms of iron. The platforms are shaky, tender and are falling so we will have to choose the right time to jump in order to prevent falling down.
  6. Football Star In this game of soccer we’re running, as we pass we must kick the footballs falling at the right time or we will trip and fall.
  7. KarateKido Surely the best pastime to release it is in a group and see who gets the highest score. You are a martial artist who can cut down a tree on the right and on the left with your hand. The game is not to trip over the branches. This game is in the bot @gamee.
  8. MotoFX MotoFX is a motorcycle based Hill climb racing like game where the objective is to drive the maxing distance without falling, performing backflips will fetch you bonus points.
  9. 3+3 a game similar to 2048 with the difference that 2 and 1 can be combined and thereafter multiples of 3 can be formed.
  10. 2048 The much famous game where you can combine multiples of 2 together.
There are a lot of game bots on telegram a list of which can be found below. Each bot features one or more games.
  1. @gamee
  2. @gameBot
  3. @ludeiBot
  4. @GamesHDBot
  5. @awesomebot
  6. @brugamebot
  7. @MeduzaGameBot
  8. @microgamesbot
  9. @lonagamebot
  10. @foxgamebot
Gamers group @inlineGamers

That's all for now!
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