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Monitor network usage and speed on Android

This app is no longer recommended by us, instead we suggest you to use Glasswire.
Ever felt the need for an app to monitor data usage and network speed on your android device. The app we are going to share today will allow you to do just that, the app is named Data Usage Monitor. It allows you to check your data usage just by opening the app, without having to click on extra things to find it. Extremely accurate, this data monitoring app will keep up with everything. It displays your current internet speed and shows how much data you have used in notification pane based on your choice.

The baud meter is a feature specific to the app. It allows you to place the speed bar anywhere on your smartphone display.
It also allows users to view data usage on a per app basis.

The app also features a lot of additional features in the pro version, making it all the more worthy for the money.

That's all for now!
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