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Download APK from play store on any device

In this post we are going to show you the method to download apk from google play store through telegram.
  1. Find the play store link of the app you want to download and paste the link in the chat thread of @apkdl_bot or just type the name of the app you want to download in the chat thread of @apkdl_bot.

  2. If you type the name of the app in the chat thread then the bot will reply with a list of available apps matching the name in the play store with options to download or preview the app.
  3. The preview consists of the app details including its logo, appid, version, last updated date, size and the download command.

  4. Upon choosing the download command it will reply with a "processing your request" message followed by a "Download success.. now uploading to telegram.please wait...." and based on the size of the app it will take some time and reply with an apk and a link. 
  5. It will reply with an apk file only if the file size is below 20mb, because of telegram restriction.
  6. If you want the apk file uploaded to telegram just forward the link you get to @urluploadbot, it will upload the file onto telegram and reply with the apk file.
The bot can only upload a max size of 500MB and a daily limit of 1GB.
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That's all for now!
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