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4 Must have Blackberry10 apps

BlackBerry10 Users are among the most loyal Blackberry fans you ever likely to find on earth. Today we bring to you a list of 4 apps that every BlackBerry10 user simply should have.
All apps mentioned here have been tried by us on a Blackberry Z10. All apps mentioned here are either "Built for Blackberry Apps" or were made for android devices and work exceptionally great on Blackberry10 devices.
To find a list of apps made for Blackberry10 go to MadeForBlackberry.

1. Mobogram:

A client of the popular messaging app Telegram, because of its chat bot and channel feature it is the best app on this list. A list of best bots on telegram can be found here.
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An excellent youtube client for blackberry that supports filtering search results.

Know Your Device is a native app for BlackBerry 10 platform which tells you everything about your device in an organized way.

4. Evernote

A cross platform note taking app that helps Share and sync notes/anything between any of your devices.

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