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Youtube Computer Version!

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YouTube, the video-sharing platform of the web houses whole movies, YouTube-exclusive series, etc.
In accessing this endless repository of videos, YouTube users have access to several different forms of YouTube, each of which is dependent on the device used like desktop, mobile(os depandant) and TV.
In using YouTube across multiple platforms, it’s important to note the various versions and their relative compatibility irrespective of the device used.
In this post we shall be helping you to utilize the varying versions of YouTube on multiple devices harnessing its compatibility to yield best visual experience.

In case of a laptop or desktop pc you can access the normal desktop version of YouTube or go can use the YouTube tv website which can be accessed at " a pc/laptop. The interface can prove useful if you often connect your lap/pc to an external monitor. It is also helpful if you would like to use you laptop as a monitor and your smartphone as a remote while browsing YouTube.

On an Android device the best way to access YouTube would be via the youtube official app. We have previously looked at various ways to access YouTube on android here.

On an IOS device the official support for YouTube is bad. The best way would be to use Tubie( Formerly known as Tubex), an unofficial YouTube client.

If you are running YouTube from any other platform with a device having a smaller form factor the mobile YouTube site loads as default, for those of you the best alternative would be YouTube desktop version website. In order to access desktop website your browser needs to have "Request desktop website" option in it. If your browser has one just enable it and the YouTube desktop website should load up on your smart device. You might want to zoom in for a better view, though.
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