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YouTube dark theme apps for android

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In today's post we are going take a look at YouTube clients that have an AMOLED friendly pitch black theme for android.
If you are interested there is an Unofficial Pitch black YouTube app that works on both rooted and non rooted android devices. The link to download can be found here.
Update: The official Youtube app will be getting a dark theme shortly, we will update this page when its available on android stock youtube app. In the meantime if you own an iOS you can try it out see our latest post here.

An unofficial pitch black modded YouTube app is available for download on androidfilehost by ZaneZam. The latest versions can also be found in blackapps channel[Latest version as of 15 March 2018].

First install microGfor YouTubeVanced then the youtube black apk, both the apks are available there. You can check for the latest version here. This method can also be used to access YouTube in 3rd party ROMS without installing Gapps package.
We have not yet checked the code of the above mentioned app for harmful behavior. We have been using it for the past month and have not yet noticed any harmful behavior from the app, but we will update as soon as we check the app code/notice anything.
MyTube YouTube Playlist Maker
MyTube app is a YouTube client that has a dark theme and has an option to choose the country whose trending section you would like to view. The rest of the feature set is similar to that of the native youtube client.

Free music for YouTube: Stream
Stream gives you access to all of YouTube music videos and lets you play them in a handy floating popup for a multitasking music listening experience. You can also open a music video in YouTube app and then share it to stream app using OpenWith app. The app also has a battery saver mode that can help save battery if you own an AMOLED display device.

Youtube gaming
A YouTube client made by Google for gamer. The main difference between this one and normal YouTube app is that this one has a AMOLED friendly dark theme and a popup window feature(floating YouTube window).

That's all for now!
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