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How to make a telegram channel for a youtube channel/account

In this new post series we will be helping creators get started on various social media platforms out there. In this post we will be sharing as to how to start a telegram channel for a YouTube channel. Most creators don't know as to how to automate posting to telegram using ifttt bot. It just takes a few seconds to setup and will work for the lifetime.

For this method you need to have a telegram account and an IFTTT account.
(a) Open telegram, Tap or click on the pen icon placed to the right end of the search box, if on PC, else on the bottom right corner if on android and create a new channel.

(b) Specify a name, description for your channel.

(c) Choose a username for your channel here and hit 'save".

(d) If you want you can add contacts to your channel else just hit "skip" .

2. Go to IFTTT bot and Start the bot. Then connect telegram to IFTTT by hitting "Authorize IFTTT" button and login to your ifttt account in the webpage that pops up.

3. Now go to the channel and make IFTTTbot as admin to your telegram channel.
4. Now in IFTTTbot type "/connect_channel" and then send the username of your channel to the bot.
5. Upon successfully adding the reply from bot would be "You have successfully connected the channel @username."
6. Now wait for a minute or so and then open IFTTT app/website and click on username on your right top corner and then on new applet.

7. Now tap on "+this" button.
8. Now select feed from the list of services.

9. Now click on "New feed items".

10. Enter the feed url in the text box provided.
The feed url of a youtube channel can be:
In the above mentioned url replace CHANNELID or USERNAME or YOUR_YOUTUBE_PLAYLIST_NUMBER with the info of the channel/account you wish to subscribe to. Then click on "Create Trigger".

11. In the next window press on "+that".
12. Now select Telegram in the list of services.

13. Now select "send message" option.

14. Select in Target chat drop down the name of the channel you would like to post to.

15. Edit the message text you would like it to send by changing or deleting unwanted ingredients from the message. Then click on "create action".

16. In the next tap on "finish" after choosing whether you would like to receive notification in app when the recipe runs.

That's it, now ifttt bot will automatically post a link to video whenever a new video is uploaded on the particular youtube channel/account.

That's all for now!
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