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Screenshot Pro, on screen button to take screenshot on android

In this post we look at an app that enables you to take screenshots on any android device running on android version above Lollipop(5.0 +). The app is currently available for free as part of an ongoing sale in Google Playstore.


  • Automatically cut the status bar area from a screenshot while taking.
  • Automatically cut the navigation bar area from a screenshot while taking.
  • Capture animation ON/OFF.
  • Convenient and mobile overlay shutter button.
  • Notification bar icon display function. You can take screenshot and check screenshot from here.
  • Small Button: By setting this inconspicuous button to be displayed at all times, the shutter button can be instantly brought up any time you want to take screenshots. This function is very convenient for people who regularly take screenshots.
  • You can also create a shortcut to access the shutter button with a single tap.
That's all for now!
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