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Firefox, AMOLED theme websites on android

We have since reviewed TugaBrowser, Chromium based Pitch black browser. And hence no longer use this Firefox feature.
As part of our AMOLED app series today we detail the steps to apply AMOLED friendly theme/skin for websites in Firefox. It basically replaces the background of any website with a pitch black background and the text with white color. It works great and has made Firefox my default browser while browsing the web on android, especially at night. In order to use this theme you are to install an add-on in Firefox for android.
The theme can be activated by browsing
"" in Firefox and toggling the button to install and apply it. If you don't already have Firefox installed on your droid Tap on the badge above to install.

After enabling the add-on the website will look like the following.

Now all the website you visit will have a pitch black background, enjoy!
If you would like to uninstall or disable an add-on navigate to "Options -> Tools -> Add-ons" and select and disable or uninstall an add-on.
In order to modify settings of a particular add-on,
Navigate to Options and click on the add-on name from the listed menu as displayed below.

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That's all for now!
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