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Mobogram: Using the download manager

As part of the series of posts relating to Telegram we will today be sharing with you a Telegram download manager that enables you to pause, resume and schedule Telegram downloads. We had previously covered the best Telegram client for android. In this post we will look specifically at the download manager offered by Mobogram, How to use it.

The following steps detail the method to use it:

  1. Once you have found the file you want to download just click on the three dots to open its options. Within options select "Add to Download List". You will receive a "File added to download list" message upon adding.
  2. After that go to navigation drawer in telegram and open "Download Manager".
  3. Upon pressing the "Start Download Service" button Mobogram starts downloading. Tapping on "Stop Download Service" pauses the download and Tapping on "Start Download Service" button resumes the download.
Apart from this Mobogram also offers an effective download scheduler which can be accessed from the options menu.

It allows you to set a start and end time for downloads.
If the file you wish to download is available as an attachment to a telegram message you can forward the message to @GetPublicLinkBot to get the file separated and then add it to download manager.
That's all for now!
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