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Customize Android's Home button shortcuts

As part of the ongoing "Android Customisation: Tips and Tricks" series today we will be looking at how you can customize what happens when you double tap or long press the home button of your android device. Usually these actions are attributed to the google assistant and the multitasking menu on most devices.
The following are a list adfree and IAP free apps that helps customise what happens when you long press or double tap the home button on your android device.

doubleHome - Turn Screen Off
Just double tap your home button to turn off the screen. This app is designed the latest android versions and supports fingerprint unlocking.

Screenshot Assistant
Capture screenshot by holding the Home button.

HomeBot, Customize home button
HomeBot enables you to set different actions to happen when you long press the home button. The various actions that can be performed include:
  • Open an app
  • Open a web page
  • Toggle the flashlight
  • Open the recent apps screen
  • Toggle brightness 
For the last two apps the following steps are to be followed to set the app to run upon long pressing home button.
  • From the Home screen navigate to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Press Settings icon in the upper right corner
  • Select Assist & voice input
  • Press Assist app and select the desired app from the list
That's all for now!
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