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The settings widget you never knew about on android

In this new post series we will introduce you periodically to new widgets for your android smartphone. In this week we are looking at a widget, inbuilt to android but seldom reckoned because of rather skeptical name.

In order to access the widget long-press on a blank part of the home screen, choose Widgets, and then find the one called Settings shortcut (under the Settings heading).

You then get to choose which setting to link to, from the list, it includes a whole host of options but the ones we are focusing on are marked with a tick mark in the screenshot below.

  • Notification log: The option will let you see old notifications you’ve dismissed in haste.

That’s it: tap the widget icon in future to see your past notifications.
The amount of info you get in each one varies from app to app (you don’t get a full record of each notification), but you can at least see which apps have displayed alerts recently, in case you cleared them without taking a proper look.
  • Automatic Rules

That’s it: tap the widget icon in future to set rules as to when to turn on "Do not disturb" mode and also specify the days of the week on which the rules should be applied.
That's all for this week.

That's all for now!
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  1. Wow, that's a good widget! How can I get it for my phone?

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