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Android Widget of the week #32 2017

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 In this week we are looking at a widget, available with nova launcher but seldom reckoned because of rather skeptical name for the widget. The widget is named the activity widget.

In order to access the widget long-press on a blank part of the home screen, choose Widgets, and then find the one called Activity shortcut (under the Nova Launcher heading). Upon dragging the widget onto the screen you then get to choose which activity of which app to link to, from the list, it includes all activities of every app installed on your device. You can select any activity from the list. In this post we will add Usage access details as shortcut to the homescreen. In the settings dropdown within the list choose Usage statistics activity.

In order to see what a particular activity links to long press on the name of the activity from the list.

That's all for this week!
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