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New Telegram Channels (August 2017)

As an update to our ongoing series on Telegram in which we listed Telegram gamesTelegram bots , Best Telegram client for android and windows. In this post we have put together an updated list of the best channels on telegram. Not being devoid of quality channels, sorting through channels to follow can be cumbersome. Hence we were unable to include each and everyone of them in this list. This post series receive updates to add future additions on a regular basis. We have classified channels into various categories as listed below:


Telegram Inline botlist channel
Durovs Channel
Telegram Channel

Tech News

BotCube Bots, messaging apps, conversational interfaces, AI & ML reviews & insights from industry experts.
Linuxgram News and information from the Linux world.
TechRSS Rss feeds of leading tech news sites.
Tech Guide Android, Windows, iOS, Computer related Tips, Tricks, Guide & News.
IT Security Alerts This channel posts IT security related topics and especially alerts.

Giveaway or Temporarily free

Udemydeals A channel that shares the latest udemy courses that have gone free for a limited time.
PacktPub Free Learning Get notified when a new free book is avaiable on
freegames A channel that shares latest ios, android and rarely pc apps and games that have gone free for a limited time.

Soccer Fans



Web Dev Web Devevelopment news feed.
Android Arsenal the newest libraries from Android Arsenal.
Helpful Web Development Only relevant materials for web developers.
Android United Channel to follow for every Android developer.
Awesome Programmer A curated list of amazingly channels and groups about programming in Telegram.
Android ResId News and resources for Android developers.


Ask Me Get daily general knowledge questions and answers.
Advanced English Skills This channel is updated daily with news, podcasts, motivational quotes and loads of educational and interesting stuff.
Science Science channel, videos and articles - international project.

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  2. It's a fantastic list. Thank you for including PerspectiveIX.