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Speccy, advanced system information tool for windows

In this new post series we will introduce you periodically to a new software for your windows machine. In this week we are going to a introduce you to a software developed by Piriform, the same team behind the popular CCleaner.
The software titled Speccy is a free portable advanced system information tool that you should have on your machine.

The Summary tab gives you a glimpse of every aspect of hardware you have on your computer, including Operating System, Processor, Motherboard, GPU, RAM, Storage, etc. You can go to each separate tab to dive deep and get more information about that hardware,
for eg: How many free RAM slots your device has, L1,L2,L3 cache sizes, etc.

If you take a look at the screenshot closely, you can find that it displays the temperature of different but critical components in real-time so you can easily spot problems on your computer before they happen.

The information gathered in the tool can also be helpful and can make your day-to-day computer life a lot easier. For example, you need to add more RAM to your computer. You can go to the RAM tab to check how many slots are free and what type of RAM you should go out and buy.

It also allows you to save scanned results for future reference or use. You can also find out whether the shop swapped original parts of pc/ laptop.

Overall, Speccy is a fast, lightweight system information tool that can prove helpful to all users alike.
That's all for this week.

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