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Must have apps for Indian Shoppers

All the apps/websites listed here lists deals before they are sold out. 
Sastesaude is a good website for getting the best deals online.

MyTokriThuttu: The official app of MyTokri, has a nice UI which is far better than the one the website uses. The apps have various tabs you can swipe between that includes Featured, Latest deals section etc.
Freeakmal: The Official app, it is not the best app for the latest deals from prominent online retailers but provides deals and offers from not so popular online sellers.
Buyhatke: Price graphs of products. Discover fake deals. While you are browsing a product on an app or website "Go to Share Menu and select Buyhatke" while you are browsing the product to view price graph.

If you are on telegram then subscribe to the following channels for timely LOOT deals.
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