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Best Telegram Client for Windows

Having used various telegram clients like Plus messenger and Mobogram on android, the concept of tabulating various types of conversations under various tabs had proved a great way to sort through the large number of messages in Telegram. Henceforth, we looked through various internet sources looking for a similar client for desktop. At last we found a worthy client, iGram Desktop. And then on it has been our Telegram client on Windows.

The latest version available as of today can be downloaded from here. If you find the download speed to be too slow then message the link to @urluploaderbot and forward file message to tlgurbot or getpubliclinkbot. It will send you a link, that can be downloaded using any browser of your choice. If you are unaware of the various bots available on Telegram you can start off by looking at Telegram Bots.

More of Telegram:
Igram is a telegram client that offers the following features
  • Separate tab for each type of conversations like supergroups, channels, bots, groups, contacts.
  • Separate tabs for unread messages and favourites.
  • Users can choose various conversations from list to appear in favourite.
  • Hide online, allows to reading messages without a second tick .
  • Advanced ID search.
  • Options to perform Advanced forward and Forward without Quote .
  • Post Advanced Video.
That's all for now!
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  1. Replies
    1. iGram Desktop can be downloaded from AppsTelegramBot by choosing from menu "Windows (PC)", then "Igram v0.10.19.6 (Windows)" and the bot will share with you the setup file uploaded on Telegram. If you find the download speed to be too slow then forward the ".exe" file message to tlgurbot. It will send you a link, that you can use to download via any browser. You can find more such great bots in our previous post on Best Telegram Bots.